Cedric Bapst

aka Gulivert

Hi, as you already figured out I'm Cedric Bapst. I'm living in Switzerland and working as web developer (backend / frontend).
I really like the informatic and my interests for this is quiet large in different domains.

The first one was GNU/Linux. When I got my first computer, something like 1998, I directly installed a Linux Slackware following by a Gentoo. I was passioned by this system, the command line tools and the idea that every things are OPEN. I was also passionate by the GUI (Graphical User Interface) and created some themes for FVWM and Enlightenment DR17. Maybe you use one of mine who knows.

In the same time I started to coding my first Web pages with the HTML. After a while I understood that there was other technologies to create Web sites then I turned on the combo PHP - MYSQL.

Now I'm still coding, but not only with the HTML and the PHP, but with a bunch of different langages as Javascript, CSS3, HTML5... My way seems to be now in the big Javascript world with all these frameworks and technologies as Nodejs that I really like and still learning.