There was a long time ago that I did not installed a GNU/Linux on my personal computer. From the time I meet Mac OS X. My last personal disto was a Gentoo Linux, and when I plane to go back to Linux I thought about, which disto I want?

I know quiet well Debian, because I use one virtual machine installed with a Debian on DigitalOcean that is use to host this Blog. I also know quiet well CentOS that I manage and configure at my job for a high performance computer (Cluster) but both of them do not feel me happy...

Then finally I decided to install again a Gentoo Linux on my MacBook Pro 9.1 Mid 2012. Why Gentoo, because you need to work hard to get your computer working, but when it is done, you know that you will not get mess... And I also like the idea to compile each applications to get something that is near the hardware.

My requirements before to start this installation was not so complicate.

  • Dual boot with OS X - El Captian actually
  • EFI full installation, I would not used any refit, refind to emulate Bios installation
  • Light Window Manager, no Gnome, KDE or even XFCE... but Awesome WM
  • And of course my computer ru nning well, with all the Apple computer stuffs as the keyboard lights, keyboard extra functions, Optimus for the dual graphic cards...

And you know what!? Everything start to be working well!
And because I got some pain for the EFI grub installation, Optimus installation, I will do a specific blog post to explain how I did to get all of these things working well!

And if you know me for what I did in the past with FVWM customization like Guli-Simply / Milky or even on E17 with some themes you maybe will happy to know that I'm doing a new theme for Awesome WM.

Here is a sample of what I'm doing:
Full size screenshot

  • Awesome 3.5 Material theme
    Will be released when it will be finished, still some colors problems, need to clean the code because... haha not good enough to share. Keep in touch for the released date! Cya.

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