After to have installed the Tomato USB firmware on our Asus RT-AC68U we have to configure it. Here is a first basic setting to do.

In this post we will see:

  1. Change the root password
  2. Change the default IP
  3. Wireless settings up to 80Mhz
  4. Internet connection on the WAN port

First of all connect your computer directly to your router with a network cable on the LAN port 1. When is done and your computer got the IP address launch your prefered WEB browser and go on the URL
The default user name is "root" and the password "admin".

Welcome to Tomato USBadvTomato01

1.- Change the root password

For security reasons it's good to start by changing the default root password.
Go to the menu "Administration" > "Admin Access"
At the end of the page you can put your new password.

2. Change the default IP

Changing the IP address to avoid an IP conflict with the first router (ADSL/VDSL router) if it's the same.
For this case the IP that you will choose depends of how you want to use your Asus RT-AC68U router. For my case I would to have my Asus router to manage the whole network and getting the external public IP from the first router. Then I choose a new IP range and not put an IP from the same range of the first.

Go to the menu "Basic" > "Network"
In the "LAN" section choose a new IP address, Netmask, if you want the DHCP activated, the IP range for the DHCP and the Lease Time.

Here is my configurationScreen-Shot-2015-07-07-at-22-10-27

3.- Wireless Settings up to 80Mhz

First we need to choose the right country for the WIFI connection.
Go to the menu "Advanced" > "Wireless"
Choose for the both connections the country where you live. Click on the button "Save" and Reboot your router.

When the router is available again we can now configure the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wifi connection.
Go to the menu "Basic" > "Network"

Configure the Channel Width on 40Mhz for the 2.4Ghz and 80Mhz for the 5Ghz.
Click on the button "Save" and again Reboot your router.

When the router is back alive continue the Wifi settings in the menu "Basic" > "Network"

  • Give the SSID name for your connections.
  • Choose the security type and give the Shared keys
  • For 2.4Ghz
    • Channel: Auto or which one you want
    • Control Sideband: Upper
  • For 5Ghz
    • Channel: Auto or which one you want
    • Control Sideband: Lower
  • Click the button "Save"

Go back to the main page by clicking on the menu "Status" and verify your Wifi connection settings.
You should see for the 2.4Ghz a Channel Width on 40Mhz and for the Rate 600Mbps. For the 5Ghz a Channel Width on 80Mhz and for the Rate 1300Mbps.

If you have any problem to get a Channel Width up to 80Mhz try to change the country in the advanced configuration and reboot. I know that the following countries work fine with 80Mhz.
"US - Switzerland - Singapore"

4.- Internet connection on the WAN port

This topic depends how you want to configure your router. For my case the goal is that I want to get the external public IP from my ADSL router on the WAN port of my Asus RT-AC68U.
To do that there is still two ways.

  1. Set the ADSL/VDSL router in the "Bridge" mode
  2. Set the ADSL/VDSL router in the "IP passthrough" mode

I did the second method with IP passthrough. It was not by choice but only because my ADSL router (A Motorola Centro Grande from Swisscom) do not have any "Bridge" mode and that even if I attack this by telnet. Anyway if you use the Bridge mode you should configure the Asus AC68U to use the PPPoE protocol.
If you use the IP Passthrough mode here is how to configure your routers.

  1. On the Asus RT-AC68U go in the menu "Basic" > "Network" and in the section WAN/Internet choose:
    • Type: DHCP
    • MTU: Default
    • Route Modem IP: The IP of the ADSL/VDSL router for instance
      • This option is only if you still want to have an access on the first router.
  2. Click the button "Save"
  3. Connect the WAN port of your Asus to one of the LAN port of your ADSL/VDSL router.
  4. On the ADSL/VDSL router configure it to use the mode "IP Passthrough"
    • In mine I had to choose whitch was the device to get the external IP
  5. Reboot your both routers

After the reboot you should get the external public IP from the router one and have the basic settings good enough to use your router with the AC Wifi norm.


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